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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What can Jesus... um, no, Obama do for you?

Obama is smart, I’ll give him that. American Christianity is marked by a call to action. Show me your faith by your works, etc. Much of this comes from a misunderstanding on the call of vocation. American Christians do not see living daily life in a humble manner and doing your duty as an act of faith. If a man brings home his entire paycheck, is faithful to his wife, and teaches the Bible to his kids, he is not considered a “good Christian” if he doesn’t also volunteer at church. Obama is cashing in on the belief that our regular lives are unimportant by encouraging people to drop what they are doing and help him get elected.

Further, when approached by an American Revivalist, they will offer a testimony on what Jesus has done for them by making their lives easier and more meaningful. Obama is going to cash in on that tonight. Just watch, Revivalists. What makes Obama different than the Jesus you preach about? Heck, pay him enough money, and he may even forgive your sin of racism.

What, heretic am I? When asked for my testimony, and I say the Apostles Creed and express my faith that Jesus died on the cross for my sins; I am told that this is not good enough, I have to offer a recent example on what Jesus has done for me lately.

Obama has taken a page out of the American Revivalist play book, and they have fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker.

What your stance on life says about your foundational beliefs…

We are undergoing a philosophical shift in our country. And our stance on the issue of abortion is the thermometer that indicates our shift. Allow me to explain.

In past years, I’ve engaged in political discussion with people, assuming we had experience reading the same literature and philosophy. I’ve avoided such debate this year because everyone wants to jump to “the issues” without examining foundational beliefs. People ask ignorant questions such as, “Don’t you believe everyone should have health care?” and “Don’t you want to help the poor?” and “Don’t you believe those blessed by fortune should help those in need?”

You see, both Democrats and Republicans believe health care is good, helping the poor is good, and is charity; but they have different ways of achieving these good works. And Democrats, in particular, are venomous in their attacks on those who go about noble goals in a different manner.

The question is, are we endowed by our creator certain rights that should not be taken away? Namely, are we endowed with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? The answer to this question means everything.

If we are not endowed with the right to life, than there is much unspeakable evil that is justified. If we are allowed to murder children in the womb for reasons of illness, disability, or plain old inconvenience what is to stop us from murdering others for the same reason? (Baby Boomers, hear this: pray your children rebel against the teachings that disregard human life that they have received these 35 years, or your turn may be next .)

If we, as a society, do not hold sacred the right to life, what makes us think we will be responsible and compassionate to all? In other words, a society that does not hold sacred the right to life may say everyone should have health care, but may go around denying it to some .

Health care, war, famine, poverty, starvation, shelter, these are all quality of life issues. They do not go away. There is always more that charitable people can do. But, the right to life, that is foundational. If we do not have the right to life, what gives us the right to health care, peace, food source, riches, nutrition, and a home?

Catholics believe you should vote your conscious. Lutherans believe you should vote in the best interest of your neighbor. It is always in your neighbor’s best interest to have life, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness.

All people are burdensome from time to time. Mallory was a bit fussy this weekend, having had vaccines on Friday. Saturday evening, while Josh was working on a paper, Mallory was fussing. She was fed, changed, bathed, and had dry clothes. Through trial and error, all she wanted was some skin contact. So, I took off her jammies and held her against my chest. She fell asleep quickly. And I sat there with her, wrapped in a blanket, looking at the sleeping beauty in my arms. A year ago, she was very small, yet had a heart beat. We had just found out we were pregnant. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that 40 million such precious babies were dead. Fussing is rough, but a sleeping babe in your arms, listening to your heart beat, that is treasure. I looked at my baby ashamed that we belonged to a country where I would have been allowed and lauded for ending her life. God have mercy on us all.

Why life is the most important issue…

OK, so I will tie these together later, but I just wanted to put them out:

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bush is a commie…

No, really, he is. I used to be content to say he wasn’t a conservative. But he is about as red as Putin. From the Wall Street Journal (subscribers only, I’ll print it off for Mom and Dad) on the bail out of banks :
“…the most animated response came from Wells Fargo Chairman Richard Kovacevich, say people present. Why was this necessary? he asked. Why did the government need to buy stakes in these banks?...” And, “After Mr. Kovacevich voiced his concerns, Mr. Paulson described the deal starkly. He told the Wells Fargo chairman he could accept the government's money or risk going without the infusion. If the company found it needed capital later and Mr. Kovacevich couldn't raise money privately, Mr. Paulson promised the government wouldn't be so generous the second time around.”

Doesn’t sound voluntary, does it? I mean Paulson may as well have said, “The government will be confiscating shares of your bank.” I would rather Wells Fargo (my bank) have gone down in a blaze of glory than to give into such tactics. This, my friends, is what we call communism. Say what you will about the banking crisis and the bailout. However, in my very basic understanding of economics, in a capitalist society, transactions are voluntary and mutually beneficial. It sounds like, at least on Wells Fargo’s end, the transaction was neither voluntary nor mutually beneficial. Or that is the implication. That is totalitarianism at its best.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

And she has arrived!

Cadance Rae has arrived ! Now, go and wish her well!

Jessica, Kris, Cadance, and big brother David are doing well, though I suppose when Cadance learns to crawl, David will be doing less well.

As a cool aside, Cadance has one of the cooler birthdays, unless you're in Europe or the military... 10/09/08... She is destined to be a math nerd.

My 600th post...

For a cool 600th post, I proudly announce that we are on baby watch on behalf of Pianomomsicle . Stay tuned for further details.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mallory's first bad cold...

Or allergies... not sure which.

She had a little cold right after we got back from visiting Josh's folks, but we just attributed that to travel stress. This time, I have a sore throat, so we either have cold or allergies. Kinda hard to tell yet.

Josh was feeling pretty bad this morning/early afternoon because she was fussing and wasn't eating. I've been saying for a week now that she's been starting to sound a tad congested. He feels relief that she's fussing for me, too. We gave her some saline drops to get things flowing and we have her with a vaporizor. Josh went to grab some Baby-rub (Vic's vaporub for babies). And for tonight that will do.

I also put a rolled up towel under the head of her mattress, but she's sleeping in our bed right now, and I'm not about to move her.

Anyway, kind of rough with all those warnings about OTC remedies. I mean, we don't want to do anything to hurt Mallory, but at the same time, I don't want her to get dehydrated... We'll give the doctor a call tomorrow to see if we can give her pedialyte or put some formula into my milk bottles to make sure she's at least getting calories. And Josh will try spooning milk to her tomorrow morning.

It's going to be a LONG four day drill weekend.