Blonde moment

And the silver spoon.

Monday, August 28, 2006


I like them. I just wanted to share.

People don’t play fashion show anymore?

I play fashion show with Josh and show him things I’ve bought or borrowed. Of course Vox Day is talking about a cell phone commercial and I’m talking about web cams in the deployment’s real world. (By the way, though web cams are awesome, I still have to pretty much describe whatever I buy to Josh anyway. It’s just a fun game to play and it keeps him involved in my life.) Fashion show is a fun game and people should play it more often.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why I haven’t posted in a while

Most in my family must be thinking, “Liz, not having anything to say about the elections?” Well, it isn’t that I DON’T have something to say. I do. I just don’t care to think about politics right now. Here’s what I have to say:
*I don’t believe in the draft.
*I think our military is close to being overextended, if it isn’t already.
*I am emotionally involved in the issues on the forefront and like sleeping at night.
*I like sleeping at night. The current situation in America causes me anxiety and anxiety interferes with my sleep.
*I work out now to keep my blood pressure low. I’d rather not do anything to counteract the affects of my workout.

And my life is actually pretty boring. It is. I like leading a boring life. Josh the adventurous married Liz the stable and boring. I find Josh exciting, and I like that. He likes having a stable and predictable woman to come home to. It works.

Lifestyle Changes

I’m trying to loose weight. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since June 1, though I’ve been “dieting” and working out since October. I have one of those two small loss one good loss cycles going on. One thing that keeps me going is my work out, though. I mean, it’s frustrating to have the two small loss (under a pound) weeks, so you have to have something that keeps you going.

I’m finally starting to see good results and so are other people. I’m down two sizes since Josh left, which is a pretty significant amount. I’m down roughly 18% since October. But it’s not just about a number on a scale, it’s about a lifestyle change and increasing in over all health.

So, workouts… back in October, I started doing the treadmill for a half hour three or four times a week, and 3 mph was a huge accomplishment. Now, I’m up to one hour three days on, one day off (five or six days a week), and I max at 4 mph after a 20 minute work up followed by a 20 minute cool down. Sure, it’s not *that* fast, but my heart goes up pretty high, and I don’t want to use my fast acting inhaler. If I use the fast acting, that ruins both my treadmill and weight work out for two days, and I would rather slowly expand my heart and lung health.

Also, I’ve started to get most of my protein from sources other then animal flesh. No, I still eat meat in moderation, but this was part of a fat reduction. I personally prefer to give up animal flesh rather then other sources of fat. (Actually, I had pretty much given up junk food; and recently gave up ice cream, so I didn’t have a whole lot of fat left.) I have a personal preference to tempeh, a block of fermented soybeans, over tofu. Yeah, tofu is probably more flexible, but tempeh is more familiar to my palate, both in texture and in flavor. I am not a particular fan of lentils or beans, but tempeh is good stuff.

For those incredibly curious; two glasses of milk, a serving of tempeh, and a serving of soy nuts just about does it for me for protein. So, what ever protein I get from whole grains will push me right over the top.

I went from hating workouts to enjoying my time on the treadmill and lifting weights. And on days when I know my body needs the break to rest up, I psychologically miss the time on the treadmill. Though I miss ordered pizza and ice cream, I do not miss my previous size. I face tradeoffs, we all do.

So, let’s say you run into someone who is making a lifestyle change. Don’t ask, “Do you want more,” “Is that all you’re going to eat,” or when you go out, “Do you want dessert?” The answer to all three questions is, “Yes,” but those questions all make it hard for a dieter to be good. Also, don’t say, “You can cheat.” Most dieters know that they can have a treat. Cheating means that you break the rules and lie about it. Treats are needed. Food CAN be a treat, but most people who are serious about dieting plan their treats and may not have planned to have a treat on that particular occasion. Oh, and don’t say, “You deserve it,” unless you are talking about a new outfit in a smaller clothing size, a new pair of tennis shoes, or something other then food. I have a different way of rewarding myself, and it doesn’t involve food.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Pray for the Jones Family

Please pray for the Jones family, friends of mine from college. Their daughter Peyton is gravely ill and they have some major decisions to make.

Visit their blog their blog for updates.